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Services & Pricing

As a single point of contact for all your patent issues, Painless Patenting provides a turnkey approach to establishing your intellectual property rights to defend one product, or multiple product lines.

We are a full-service, full-cycle patenting firm, including: 

  • Ideas & Concepts

  • Patentability Analysis

  • Patent Application Preparation

  • Patent Prosecution

  • Patent Maintenance

  • Inventor Interface


Engineering Class

Standard Package

For companies beginning to build a patent portfolio. You may be in the early stages of invention and not yet submitted anything to the USPTO, or may have provisional patent applications.


Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

Premium Package

For companies which have a small patent portfolio, are funded or have a steady revenue stream, and have multiple inventions in production or in the pipeline.


Engineer in Laboratory

Suite Package

For companies that have a large patent portfolio, with possibly 100 or more patents to manage and maintain. This likely includes multiple international patents and complex technology.


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